What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?     OR      A Rose by any Other Name!

So often when giving a lecture, teaching a class or working with a client I get asked about naming their company? Often I hear that they don’t like their name and don’t want to use it. Too hard to pronounce. Too common. Hard to spell. Doesn’t sound classy. Or they just plain don’t like it.

I always recommend using your name for your business especially if you are a designer, sole proprietor, metalsmith, artist, writer. Think about it. What was the name of Frank Lloyd Wright’s company? Vincent Van Gogh? Pablo Picasso? Tiffany? Nordstroms? Stephen King? Bob Fosse? I. M. Pei? Alexander Calder? Henry Ford? George Clooney? Bob Dylan?

If you are in a creative field, then you are selling, marketing and promoting yourself, your work, your business. And if that is the case, you want to make it easy for the ultimate client/customer to identify you and what you do. If you name your company Rings and Things your clientele is forced to remember two names. Your name is you and that is what you are selling.

I have known people who have named their company after their grandmother which really confuses people, have used obscure foreign language phrases, and put together words to make a descriptive name. These seem to be good ideas at the time, but usually, the artist will slowly start using their own name and the created one becomes less and less important. I have seen it happen time and time again.

So save yourself a lot of headaches and printing costs and just use your name. If you are still blocking this idea try something using at least one of your names like Susie’s Jewelry, Susie’s Designs, Designs by Susie, Randall Gallery, Randall Fine Jewelry. Or you can just ignore my suggestions altogether. But think about it.