note to self – Practice What You Preach

Okay – I am always preaching to clients and classes to take advantage of all the wonderful social media and online venues available to promote yourself and your product, service or business. But, do I always do that? Well… No! So I am taking a baby step and adding a section called “blog” to my website.

Aren’t you impressed? This way, it will look strange with nothing in it except blank space. So, I am also going to start filling it. 

What do I want to accomplish with my blog? I want to cover art/business subjects that I don’t get a chance to write about in articles. I’ll let you know when deadlines are coming up for entering competitions and shows. I will share helpful business articles, my favorite business book, events where I am a participant (blatant self-promotion) and so on. I might even introduce you to some new fun jewelry! I want to hear from you. What do you want me to discuss? What is happening in your part of the jewelry world? What changes in the jewelry world are you experiencing?

So…. drop what you’re doing, go to my website, click on “blog” and read my first couple entries then let me know what you think!  Visit – or – you can always contact me at