Bead Fest
10 Immutable Laws for Entrepreneurs - Class
Oaks, PA
1:00-2.30, Thursday, August 16th

Bead Fest
Designing a Collection
Oaks, PA
8:30-4:00, Friday, August 17th

Bead Fest
Pricing Your Jewelry
Oaks, PA
5:30-7:00, Friday, August 17th



Metalwerx Marketplace
Speech - The American Jewelry Design Movement
Newton, MA
October 21st

Maine College of Arts
Business class at the Art Department
Portland, ME
November 16th and 17th

Marketing Class
Waltham, MA
January 6th, 2018

Creative Side Jewelry Academy
1+ Immutable Rules for Running an Art-Based Business
Austin, TX
January 25th

Creative Side Jewelry Academy
Business, Marketing, Shows, Design Classes
Austin, TX
January 25th - January 28th

ACRE show
Wholesale craft trade show
Philadelphia, PA
February 24th - 26th

Portland, Maine Class
Business Basics and Marketing
Portland, ME
March 3rd

Jewelry Design Professionals Network
Powerpoint Presentation
New York, NY
May 8th

Sales Techniques
Waltham, MA
May 11th

Santa Fe Symposium
With Nanz Aalund
Trends in the Jewelry Industry
Albuquerque, NM
May 20th - 23rd