Do Everything Right All The Time!

Do Everything Right All The Time

This is one of my all time favorite business quotes. I often read it at the end of a class or presentation. See what you think?

“Do everything right, all the time, and the child will prosper.  It’s as simple as that, except for fate, luck, heredity, chance and the astrological sign under which the child was born, his order of birth, his first encounter with evil, the girl who jilts him in spite of his excellent qualities, the war that is being fought when he is a young man, the drugs he may try once or too many times, the friends he makes, how he scores on tests, how well he endures kidding about his shortcomings, how ambitious he becomes, how far he falls behind, circumstantial evidence, ironic perspective, danger when it is least expected, difficulty in triumphing over circumstances, people with hidden agendas, and animals with rabies.”

From Picturing Will by Ann Beattie (Random House 1989) quoted by Tom Peters in his keynote speech to remind Inc. 500 leaders about the role of luck in building a successful business.

Picture is of my grandchildren in front of the Melrose Library with the statue of a little boy reading a book.